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Help Brownsville, Texas fend off five LNG projects

Houston is also invading Texas with LNG export projects and their pipelines, five of them at the mouth of the Rio Grande next to spring break resort South Padre Island. Help stop those, and help stop all LNG export boondoggles everywhere.

John Young, 16 May 2015, comment on Texas,

5 LNG export operations are targeting the Port of Brownsville, next door to South Padre Island. 2 have recently had Open Houses here (Annova LNG & Texas LNG) and a third, Rio Grande LNG (www.riograndelng.com), has three Open Houses planned this coming week (Kingsville Tue 05-19; Raymondville Wed 05-20; & Brownsville Thur 05-21-2015): http://www.valleymorningstar.com/news/local_news/article_397be0b6-faaf-11e4-bfe2-c75ef8558c93.html.

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