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Stop permitting fossil fuels; move to solar and wind –health professionals to FERC

No new pipelines, fracking, or LNG export. Solar, wind, and water power now, say health professionals from all over the U.S.

JLStewCT, BXE, 1 September 2015, More Than 80 Health Professionals Demand Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Stop Unethical Experiment

Washington, DC — In an open letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), more than eighty health professionals urge the FERC to stop permitting oil and gas infrastructure and to move to clean sustainable sources of energy to protect the health of people and the planet. The construction of oil and gas projects such as unconventional fracking, pipelines, compressor stations and export terminals which pollute with cancer and disease-causing chemicals is akin to an uncontrolled health experiment that is destroying communities and risking lives of residents. These projects also harm the workers who build and maintain them. For the health of all who are involved, health professionals demand that this unethical ‘experiment’ stop.

All that and pipelines risk the Floridan Aquifer which is the source of our drinking water in Florida and south Georgia.

The FERC is Continue reading Stop permitting fossil fuels; move to solar and wind –health professionals to FERC

FPL’s parent NextEra buys Hawaii’s biggest utility for green energy transition

While FPL wants to frack Oklahoma, its parent corp. wants to green Hawaii. Do they even talk?

Mark Chediak and Ehren Goossens, Bloomberg, 4 December 2014, NextEra Buys Hawaii’s Biggest Utility in Green Energy Test,

“You can think about Hawaii as a postcard from the future of what’s going to happen in the electric industry in the United States,” James Robo, chairman and chief executive officer of Juno Beach, Florida-based NextEra, said by phone interview yesterday. “As renewable generation gets cheaper, as electric storage becomes more efficient and possible, all electric utilities are going to have to face this.”

What’s FPL making Florida, then? A test case for the failed past?

Bloomberg says about NextEra’s Hawaii Electric purchase:

Including debt, the total value of the transaction is about $4.3 billion.

That’s not much more than FPL’s Sabal Trail pipeline boondoggle. How about cancel that pipeline and the fracking and green Florida into… the Sunshine State!