Proposal will devalue property to be virtually worthless –James Ryder to FERC

Filed with FERC 14 February 2014. His #2 is basically the same question Susan Waller didn’t even want to hear: if the Sabal Trail pipeline won’t damage property values, why doesn’t Spectra buy up all the affected property and resell it later at a profit? -jsq

James Ryder, Tallahassee, FL.

We own a plot of land on Spain Lane in Brooks Co GA. My issue is that no matter what is logical, SPECTER, seems to be very narrow minded and due to eminent domain they do not seem to under stand that there proposal will devalue the already encumbered property (Sonat gas line and an electric easement) to the point that the property will be virtually worthless. The Solutions below are reasonable and should be considered.

Emailed to Dan Miller Spectra.

I have had a the opportunity to look over your recent proposal on the pipeline route. It looks a bit chaotic. Although it solve one problem, it creates several others. Your recent problem now runs pipe helter schelter all over the remaining property. I have attached a map and a description of a proposal that I think would solve all of our problems.

Solution 1: From the point of intersection of the SONAT gas pipe line from the West with Golden Road, proceed North by North West along the pipe to a point approximately 875 feet to a point (LAT 30.51′.56” LON -83.31’51). From this point proceed due South approximately 5026 feet to a point (LAT 30.51′.08” LON -83.31’51). From this point run due East until to a point (LAT 30.51′.56” LON -83.31’51) where you should intersect with the SONAT gas pipe line. *See green line on enclosed map.

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Rational for solution #1: This solution avoids the original problem with congestion of the road front problem. Additionally it reduces or eliminates the problem of putting the new pipe through the wetland environment and through the natural pond area. This should make this part of the construction of the pipeline easer. This solution also gives all property owners involved the ability to have reasonable future development of the property. We will now be able to build our gas station and mini market at the corner of Golden Road and Spain Lane.

Solution 2: Buy the farmland outright!

Rational for solution #2: To consider this you must first think out side the box.

  1. The property is reasonably close but not too close to civilization.
  2. This would eliminate all objections to where you wish run the new gas pipe lines.
  3. You could use this area to setup a compressor station like SONAT did in the Northern section of Brooks county.
  4. You could use this property as a staging area for equipment and supplies while developing the pipeline in South Georgia and North Florida.
  5. After the pipe line development you can sell off some of the property to the adjacent property owners, both have been wanting to buy sections of this land for years. Or, you can keep the property for future development.

Both of these solutions have merit. They are simple to do and have minimum impact on the properties, and the environmental impact, and future property values. Both solutions 1 and 2 would be a win—win solution.

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