Spectra submitted EA to BC for 2 pipelines to LNG export

Not one, but up to two pipelines for LNG export in a single “transportation corridor” in British Columbia, for 8.4 billion cubic feet per day in a single right of way, twice as much as earlier Spectra PR about this same project. Does anybody still doubt Spectra CEO Greg Ebel’s assertion that “I would expect we’ll have some involvement in all of” the North American LNG export terminals that Spectra’s pipelines “go right by”? And if Spectra wants to put two pipelines in that right of way in BC, what do they expect to do in the right of way they propose through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida? Sure, they haven’t said they want to do that here, but they didn’t say it about BC at this stage, either. Spectra thanks the aborigines of BC for sharing their objections and plows ahead anyway. We are all Indians to Spectra’s cowboys, but this time there are more of us.

Dave Michaels wrote yesterday for energeticcity.ca (I added the links and images), Gas Pipeline Application

Spectra Energy has handed in an Environmental Assessment Certificate application to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office for its Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project.

If approved, the project would ship as much as 4.2 (b) billion cubic feet per day through a pipeline from the Cypress area (southwest of Pink Mountain) to the Ridley Island Terminal, near Prince Rupert. The proposal now undergoes a 30-day screening stage.

The project has been in the planning stages for the better part of three years and includes input from the aboriginal and local communities that would be impacted. “This marks a key milestone for our project, and a step towards growing new markets for B.C.’s abundant natural gas supplies” according to Spectra President Doug Bloom. “The application reflects detailed scientific, technical, heritage research and fieldwork.”

However, before the pipeline receives final approval, it will still need a second-round of public feedback including the thoughts of the federal and provincial levels of government.

To date, there’s been no mention of a timeline, should the project go ahead.

Actually, the Canadian Ministry of Natural Gas Development previously said this pipeline and LNG export terminal would “maintain the vision of the BC’s Jobs Plan goal of establishing LNG facilities by 2020.”

Too bad BC isn’t going for real jobs through solar, wind, or hydro power.

Here’s the BC Environmental Assessment Office Project Information Centre (e-PIC) page on the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project.

Type:Typical EA Process (Active and Complete)Status:Pre-Application

Start Date:

Comments:(formerly Natural Gas Transmission System – NE BC to Prince Rupert Area) 0948090 B.C. Ltd., formed for the purpose of pursuing the proposed Project on behalf of Spectra Energy and BG Group, plans to develop of a natural gas transmission system from the Cypress area in northeast BC to the Prince Rupert area. It will include 851 km to 872 km of 912 mm to 1219 mm diameter pipeline and up to five compressor stations.
Location:Cypress area to Prince Rupert area

That e-PIC also includes links to contacts, terms, requirements, and comments by proponents, governments, aboriginals, and the public. Almost all the comments seem to be strongly opposed to the project. Spectra thanks them for sharing (see PR below) and plows ahead with the project.

Here’s Spectra’s own PR on the BC EA submission, dated 21 March 2014, Spectra Energy’s Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project Submits Environmental Assessment Certificate Application

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Today, Spectra Energy Corp (NYSE:SE) announced the submission of an Environmental Assessment Certificate Application (Application) for its Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO). The Application includes detailed descriptions of Project elements, summaries of studies conducted to assess baseline environmental, social and economic conditions, and analysis of Project benefits.

“This marks a key milestone for our Project, and a step towards growing new markets for B.C.’s abundant natural gas supplies,” said Doug Bloom, president of Spectra Energy’s Canadian LNG business. “The Application reflects nearly three years of Aboriginal and local community engagement, and detailed scientific, technical and heritage research and fieldwork.”

The Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project team includes men and women with decades of experience designing, building and operating natural gas pipelines throughout British Columbia’s challenging terrain, and a shared commitment to creating opportunities for long-term, local benefits. Furthermore, the Application is designed to reflect Spectra Energy’s approach to listening and learning, and reflecting feedback into project design and planning.

“We thank everyone who has openly shared their knowledge, interests and concerns. Gathering this valuable input from the outset and reflecting it in our project design is, for us, a critical element of project development,” continued Bloom. “These efforts are not complete. We’re ready to keep our sleeves rolled up and plan the best project possible.”  

The Project will now enter the 30-day Application screening stage, during which the BC EAO will review the Application and determine that it contains the required information. Upon acceptance, it will enter the Application Review stage, at which point the 8,000-page document will be made public. The Application Review stage will include further opportunities for input from Aboriginal and local communities, federal and provincial agencies, and the interested public.

The proposed Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project is a new natural gas system that will begin in the Cypress area of northeast B.C. and end at BG Group’s proposed Prince Rupert LNG export facility, on Ridley Island. The Project is envisioned as a natural gas transportation corridor that can allow for up to two pipelines with total design capacity of 8.4 billion cubic feet per day in a single right-of-way, creating an opportunity for multiple LNG projects to the Prince Rupert area, with as small a footprint as possible.  Service of the initial, approximately 850-kilometre and up to 4.2 billion cubic feet per day natural gas pipeline, with project partner BG Group, is currently expected to commence around the end of decade, pending final investment decision. For more information on the Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project, please visit energyforbc.ca.

Spectra Energy Corp (NYSE: SE), a FORTUNE 500 company, is one of North America’s leading pipeline and midstream companies. Based in Houston, Texas, the company’s operations in the United States and Canada include more than 22,000 miles of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil pipelines; approximately 305 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas storage; 4.8 million barrels of crude oil storage; as well as natural gas gathering, processing, and local distribution operations. Spectra Energy is the general partner of Spectra Energy Partners (NYSE: SEP), one of the largest pipeline master limited partnerships in the United States and owner of the natural gas, liquids, and crude oil assets in Spectra Energy’s U.S. portfolio. Spectra Energy also has a 50 percent ownership in DCP Midstream, the largest producer of natural gas liquids and the largest natural gas processor in the United States. Spectra Energy has served North American customers and communities for more than a century. The company’s longstanding values are recognized through its inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indexes and the CDP Global 500 and S&P 500 Climate Disclosure and Performance Leadership Indexes. For more information, visit www.spectraenergy.com and www.spectraenergypartners.com.

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