TREPO allies with SpectraBusters and pipeline opponents

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Three River Estates Property Owners, Inc.
P.O. Box 148
Fort White, FL 32038-0148

Position Statement on Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy Methane Pipeline

The Three River Estates Property Owners (TREPO) Board of Directors joins with other homeowners and conservation groups in strongly opposing the placement of the Sabal Trail Methane gas pipeline, anywhere in the Ichetucknee Springs Basin & Ichetucknee Trace & surrounding areas. We specifically oppose crossing the Santa Fe River at the proposed Davis Landing Park/33rd Road site, due to the danger it poses not only to the ecology, flora & fauna, & drinking water, but also the danger it poses to our community and our way of life. The rivers and springs here are valuable ecological and cultural treasures and we, as the only real stewards of this beautiful basin, stand committed to its protection. The potential for irreversible devastation to our ecology, our water sources and our residents is too great not to request a reasonable change in the routing of the pipeline to the already existing Florida Gas Transmission (FGT) corridor, where a “successful” pipeline was laid just 4 years ago. Even in that short time, that line has already experienced a “minor” explosion near a dairy farm, so sadly, it is not a leap to assume explosions will occur.

Since 1970, both the State of Florida & private citizen groups have spent more than $118M dollars to protect the Ichetucknee River & surrounding Springs Basin & its rivers. The Ichetucknee was designated a Natural National Landmark in 1972, and in 1984 was named an Outstanding Florida Waterway. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission has recognized the Ichetucknee as a significant site on the Great Florida Birding Trail & the National Audubon Society recognizes the Ichetucknee as a birding area of “Global Significance”. We cannot ignore that we have already made a significant investment in protection and restoration of our rivers & springs. This year, our representatives in Tallahassee will be writing legislation to further protect our springs and waterways. In addition to that, the state has also committed nearly $56M dollars in grants to springs, wetlands & waterway protection. Considering that substantial investment in protecting this fragile area already exists, we stand ready to continue that protection by opposing Sabal Trail Methane Pipeline in areas that are already at risk for extinction of already endangered species of fauna and flora. Pipeline construction carries with it the risk of irreversible damage to the river and springs, which provides jobs for our residents, tax revenues & recreational opportunities for both our residents and tourists. Crossing the Santa Fe only a half mile downstream from the confluence of the Ichetucknee & the Santa Fe, puts the Ichetucknee at great risk of irreversible damage.

TREPO Board of Directors, hereby, strongly opposes this proposed route for the methane pipeline, and urges Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy to enact the “Western Alternative” route, along the already existing FGT corridor, that bypasses areas in and around the full length of the Ichetucknee Trace, Springshed, and River.

For your reference, here’s a short list of other organizations opposing the pipeline, most of which have posted position papers on their websites. We are not alone in our opposition, and NOW is the time to make the changes to the route, before any pipe is even laid in the ground.


The short list was taken from the SpectraBusters Allies page.


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