Greenlaw air quality objections in Gainesville, FL newspaper

Newspaper in a Florida city twice the size of Albany, GA links Greenlaw’s Albany compressor station objections to a compressor station in Dunnellon, FL, plus Sabal Trail’s response and Greenlaw’s response to that.

Bill Thompson wrote for Daily Commercial 24 July 2014, Air-quality questions raised about Sabal Trail gas pipeline,

A compression station also is planned near Dunnellon as part of the interstate Florida line. Three other stations are planned in Florida, but none in Lake or Sumter counties.

Yes, but there’s one aimed at Suwannee County, FL, for example. The other Florida Sabal Trail compressor station is aimed at Osceola County. There may be more on FPL’s Florida Southeast Connection (FSC) or some of the offshoot pipelines Sabal Trail plans.

Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds are released into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, including natural gas, and vehicle emissions.

The National Institutes of Health say the compounds can cause respiratory problems and can be troublesome for asthma sufferers as well as causing other conditions for people faced with long-term exposure.

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, GreenLaw’s executive director, said in an interview this week that their complaint is aimed at protecting the elderly and children, who would be the most at risk from the emissions.

The group’s challenge is also based on the possible escape of methane gas from the pipeline, which is difficult to track. Not only is the gas odorless and colorless, the reporting of leaks is left to the pipeline owners, she said.

In response, Sabal Trail maintains that it will comply with all air quality standards.

“We understand GreenLaw’s mission and involvement in these types of matters. However, we do not agree with their initial conclusions. The state agencies charged with reviewing air emission applications and issuing permits use standards that are designed to protect human health and the environment,” company spokeswoman Andrea Grover said in a statement….

Grover went on with more standard PR responses.

The Gainesville newspaper gave Greenlaw the last word:

Benfield countered that the project needs tight scrutiny, particularly the compressor stations.

“Compressor stations are nasty things,” Benfield said. “Air pollution knows no boundaries. It impacts us all.”


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