We grow increasingly concerned –Dougherty County Commission to FERC

All members of the Dougherty County Commission signed a letter saying “we grow increasingly concerned” that FERC and Sabal Trail aren’t listening to concerns of Dougherty County citizens. And that was after one August meeting of citizens discussing and opposing that fracked methane pipeline; Dougherty County citizens have held at least four such meetings by now. Maybe the Dougherty County Commission would like to take legal action by passing a land-use ordinance regulating pipelines. many other County Commissions that are going to be affected by And maybe the Alternative 1, Alternative 2, or Alternative 3 if the pipeline gets moved from its current proposed path might want to also take action.

389x300 Page-12 Limited Warranty Deed, Down Home Plantation to Sabal Trail (5 of 5), in We grow increasingly concerned, by Dougherty County Commission, 25 August 2014 Here are images of the pages the Dougherty County Commission sent to FERC 5 September 2014, starting with the two pages of the Commission’s letter dated 25 August 2014, three pages of a stakeholder writeup signed by Dinorah Hall, two pages not depicted that were broken TIFFs, but presumably contained the 13 August 2014 Albany Herald story about the South Dougherty League meeting, 300x242 Parcel 00312/00001/01S on Lily Pond Road and Newton Road, in We grow increasingly concerned, by Dougherty County Commission, 25 August 2014 and a Limited Warrantee Deed dated 24 May 2014 transferring 79.184 acres from Down Home Plantation LLC to Sabal Trail Transmission LLC, which. the Dougherty County Commission guesses is for a compressor station.

It’s not like that land transfer is a secret. Searching for Sabal Trail in the online Dougherty County tax assessor maps finds parcel 00312/00001/01S of 79.18 acres on Lily Pond Road and Newton Road, owned by Sabal Trail Transmission LLC since 29 May 2014; I’ve added a picture of that parcel.