Post a bond if Palmetto Pipeline is not for export –Steve Willis to Kinder Morgan in Savannah

Calling their bluff at their very first “public hearing”, longtime environmental activist Steve Willis told Kinder Morgan that if they didn’t want the public to believe that their pipeline is for export, when it so conveniently runs past KM’s proposed Elba Island LNG export terminal and to Jacksonville where Jaxport is gearing up for LNG export, they should post a $100 million bond. Watch the KM rep’s face as soon as Steve says “export”; sure looks like “OMG, he’s on to us!”

Steve noted there is no local demand for KM’s petroleum products, and exports drive up local prices anyway. You don’t have to believe Steve, you can believe T. Boone Pickens, who thinks fossil fuel companies are “entitled” to export no matter that domestic prices would go up. Or believe the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s report, which spells it out: “Increased LNG exports lead to increased natural gas prices.”

Claudia Collier, who took this video, tells me KM wasn’t going to call on Steve, so he just walked up and took the microphone. As you can guess by the way I call him by his first name, I know Steve.

And I bet KM already knew who he was, too. I remember the time early on when all of Spectra’s blueshirts went into a back room at their first Sabal Trail Valdosta Open House. When they came back out fifteen minutes later, one of them started quoting to me from one of my web pages. They do their research. Pipeline opponents should do theirs, as well, and Steve’s made a good start.

You can help the Riverkeepers and Steve and Claudia Push Back the Pipeline. Stop one pipeline, help stop them all.

Pipeline companies think they’re going to walk right in and take our land, our water, our taxes to pay for their leaks, sinkholes, and explosions. It’s time to walk right up and take it all back from them.

Make them post bonds with real money. Revoke the eminent domain laws that support the fossil fuel aristocracy of foreign invaders.

No new pipelines! Go solar now.

Here’s the video:

Post a bond if Palmetto Pipeline is not for export –Steve Willis to Kinder Morgan in Savannah
Video by Claudia Collier.


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