FERC Connection with Spectra Energy & The Plan To Export Fracked Gas Via Sabal Trail Pipeline

Susan Waller VP Spectra Energy
Susan Waller VP Spectra Energy

Susan Waller is vice president of stakeholder outreach and sustainability for Spectra Energy Corp.  Spectra Energy is the Houston based company that is installing and planning various fracked gas pipelines across the USA for export to other countries. This includes the regional Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC owned by Spectra Energy,
NextEra (FPL), and Duke Energy.  These utility companies, are invested in fracking, and plan to run a pipeline 500 miles beginning in in Alabama, through Georgia, and ending in Florida near export terminals already permitted and ready to go.

See the statement below from Spectra CEO.

FERC or The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the agency that decides if pipelines are installed. FERC is 100% oil and gas industry funded yet is also tasked with protecting the public. This cozy relationship between the regulatory agency  FERC and the oil/gas industry that determines the fate of millions of Americans from exposure to explosions, leaking methane, water pollution, air pollution, injury, death and more is ludicrous and must be challenged.

An example — Read the following information from Susan Waller’s Bio from Pipe Tech America’s conference site:

She also played a key role in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) National Environmental Policy Act’s pre-filing process for the siting of new natural gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, and was recognized by FERC as a distinguished industry leader for integrating stakeholder outreach concepts into new interstate pipeline and LNG business plans.”

Now why should a regulatory agency tasked with environmental concerns as well as public safety permit a Spectra Energy employee to work on the Environmental Policy Act’s pre-filing process for pipelines and give her an award?  Obvious conflict of interest!

The fact that Spectra Energy and companies plan to export this fracked gas through Florida and other areas of the country is stated here by Spectra’s CEO Greg Ebel :

Spectra CEO expects to export fracked gas,

Greg Ebel CEO Spectra Energy
Greg Ebel CEO Spectra Energy

“Our pipelines go right by all those facilities, really. You’ll probably see three to six of those get built. I would expect we’ll have some involvement in all of them.”
—Greg Ebel, CEO, Spectra Energy

For more information on fracked gas exports read here .

One of FERC’s policy guidelines is that of determining public need and necessity.  As these pipelines are being run for export to other countries such as China, the question is where is the public need or necessity?  There isn’t one, only billions to be made by a dying and destructive oil and gas industry. Time to go Solar as well as other clean renewable energy sources.

Jon Wellinghoff,  Former Chair FERC
Jon Wellinghoff, Former Chair FERC

Even FERC’s former Chair agrees Jon Wellinghoff said last year, solar power will overtake every other U.S. power source within a decade.

Boy do we not wish he was still on FERC’s Board?

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