Ask GAO to investigate why FERC Doesn’t Work

You can support hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who have already asked Congress to:

Help secure an independent investigation by the Government Accountability Office into the abuses of power, process and law by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) when it comes to interstate natural gas pipelines and LNG export facilities. Write your congressional representative now to urge their help in securing this necessary independent review.

Here’s a handy web form by Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

If you want something local to say, try reading this post about Sabal Trail throwing locals som small job bones after multiple county commissions called them on omitting information and the Georgia legislature voted by a historic margin to deny Sabal Trail easements to drill under Georgia rivers.

SpectraBusters is already a signatory on this petition, as are many other organizations you will recognize.


4 thoughts on “Ask GAO to investigate why FERC Doesn’t Work

  1. FERC is NOT doing it’s job to protect the people from certifying disastrous pipelines like Sabal trail who are taking FPL ratepayers’ money to finance this venture to enrich themselves and their investors with NO concern for the environmental damage this will cause.

  2. I called customer service at FPL and the woman I spoke with did NOT even know that ratepayer funds were paying for the Florida part of this environmentally destructive pipeline whose gas will be shipped overseas. There should be a class action lawsuit instituted against FPL as they have no right to make customers pay for this pipeline construction without there knowledge or consent.

    1. If Germany can go all solar why can’t we. Also Duke Energy makes no sense they have do solar plants get their invested in the pipeline like Florida Power these companies have enough money to invest in sustainable energy why don’t they do that it will produce more jobs and protect our environment thank you Edna Quillen

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