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Emera, Inc – A Natural Gas Exporter Acquires TECO – Tampa Electric

Canadian based, Emera Inc., has acquired TECO – Tampa Electric Company.

“The acquisition of TECO Energy advances a number of important strategic objectives for Emera,” said Chris Huskilson, president and CEO of Emera Inc. “We expect it to be Continue reading Emera, Inc – A Natural Gas Exporter Acquires TECO – Tampa Electric

Ask GAO to investigate why FERC Doesn’t Work

You can support hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who have already asked Congress to:

Help secure an independent investigation by the Government Accountability Office into the abuses of power, process and law by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) when it comes to interstate natural gas pipelines and LNG export facilities. Write your congressional representative now to urge their help in securing this necessary independent review.

Here’s a handy web form by Delaware Riverkeeper Network.

If you want something local to say, try reading Continue reading Ask GAO to investigate why FERC Doesn’t Work

Oregon citizen bursts pipeline company talking points

An Oregonian thoroughly explodes the standard pipeline script:

“I guess we could stand having a 232-mile IED in our backyard if it is really benefits the public. But who, exactly, is the public here?”

His Canadian pipeline moguls are actually both from Houston, Texas: Williams Company with its Washington Expansion Project (WEP) getting its fracked methane from Spectra Energy’s Westcoast Pipeline. Oh, this is another Williams pipeline: Pacific Connector, going to the same Jordan Cover LNG export terminal as WEP. The same Williams Company of Transco’s Hillabee Expansion Project to feed Spectra Energy’s Sabal Trail pipeline. The same Sabal Trail that’s suing a Georgia Centennial Family Farm tomorrow in Moultrie, Georgia. All the pipeline companies seem to follow the same script, including Kinder Morgan for its Palmetto Pipeline. And this Oregonian answered for all of us facing pipeline invaders.

Diarmuid McGuire, Ashland Daily Tidings, 22 January 2015, Guest Opinion: We’re Oregonians, but we’re not stupid, Continue reading Oregon citizen bursts pipeline company talking points

USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

As reported in mainstream media outlet USA Today, opposition to LNG pipelines is causing the natural gas pipeline industry headaches.

Industry executives say they need additional laws to allow them to gouge pipelines across our water and property so that they may export their gas to other countries solely profiting their industry.   There is no public necessity and/or need for these pipelines.

To quote Diane Leopold, the president of Dominion Energy, Continue reading USA Today – Gas Pipeline Companies Feel the Heat of Opposition

New England doesn’t need more gas pipelines: stockpile instead

Still more evidence that new natural gas pipelines are an unneeded boondoggle.

Kathryn R. Eiseman, Commonwealth Magazine, 20 January 2015, New gas pipelines can be avoided: Back-up fuel incentives are the way to go,

LAST WINTER’S NATURAL gas price spikes, and resultant electric rate hikes, continue to be used to justify the push for massive expansion of gas infrastructure. Yet a successful program to incentivize New England’s power generators to contract for back-up fuel for this winter undermines the argument for more pipelines. This winter’s lower wholesale gas and electric prices indicate that the rate hikes themselves could have been avoided had such measures been more fully implemented for the 2013-2014 winter.

Measures like contracting to buy gas from peak load plants that sometimes sat idle last winter. And measures like storing gas when it’s cheap to use in the winter.

In fact, ISO-NE intentionally excluded LNG storage incentives from last winter’s winter reliability program, telling the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that gas-market-related solutions “would lower gas prices and send the wrong signal about the relative scarcity of natural gas. These lower prices would also be reflected in the electricity market.” In other words, allowing prices to rise would help convince the public Continue reading New England doesn’t need more gas pipelines: stockpile instead

Sabal Trail pipeline not in the public interest

SpectraBusters op-ed published by Ocala newspaper. And the Sabal Trail pipeline still don’t pass the smell test.

Ocala Star-Banner, 16 November 2014, Sabal Trail pipeline not in the public interest.

Illustrated version, with links to the evidence: It don’t pass the smell test: FPL’s extra natural gas pipeline —SpectraBusters.


Why accepting a natural gas easement is a bad deal

Here are a few things you get with a pipeline easement: no right to grow trees on it, limited right to put up fences, and if you do, you have to have gates in them that the pipeline company can put their own lock on. 300x162 Right-of-Way diagram, in Kinder Morgan Right-of-, by Kinder Morgan, 2 June 2008 But you do get to continue to pay taxes on land you can no longer fully use; land that now contains a potentially corrosive, leaky, explosive hazard that you can’t tap for your own use. And you do get pipeline company contractors coming through at their convenience to mow or otherwise clear the right of way. Contractors who may be somewhat unclear on where the right of way ends and your trees, for example, start. Without ever having to notify you then or tell you later what happened. And it’s even worse than that: you may get another pipeline, and meanwhile the pipeline company will claim rights over local governments and developments. All while the world has changed and the sun has risen on a better way.

All bets are off if there’s a pipeline break

Continue reading Why accepting a natural gas easement is a bad deal

Earthquakes in Oklahoma: FPL wants to frack there to ship through Sabal Trail

FPL’s going to help frack on that other river you can see on that map in Olkahoma, so they can ship the gas through Sabal Trail to Florida, where there are three already-approved LNG export operations.

Matthew Nuttle, News9.com, 9 November 2014, Five Earthquakes Strike Within Minutes Of Each Other In Northern, Central OK,

OKLAHOMA CITY—A rash of earthquakes erupted in counties across northern and central parts of Oklahoma, Sunday night.

Five earthquakes in all were recorded between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., the most of which occurred near the town of Medford, Okla.


Sabal Trail to TECO to Jaxport for LNG export?

Marcellus Shale fracked methane through Atlantic Sunrise to Transco to Sabal Trail to TECO to Jaxport for LNG export? And maybe an explanation for why Sempra Energy, like Spectra Energy, donated to both GA Gov. Nathan Deal’s and AL Gov. Robert Bentley’s re-election campaigns. Sempra apparently wants to export Marcellus Shale gas from Jacksonville, and Sabal Trail is the proposed conduit for that through Alabama and Georgia to Florida.

John Burr wrote for Jacksonville Business Journal 10 March 2014, TECO Peoples Gas looks to expand natural gas pipeline to Jacksonville, Continue reading Sabal Trail to TECO to Jaxport for LNG export?

FSC formally filed for FERC permit 26 September 2014

FERC got around to posting that online and sending an alert to ecomment subscribers today, two weeks later. You or your group can now file as an intervenor for FSC under the new docket CP14-554-000. Or you can ecomment under that docket. Sabal Trail and Transco have not yet filed for formal permitting, but Sabal Trail has repeatedly said it plans to do so 31 October 2014.

Here’s HTML of that notice letter. Search for CP14-554-000 in FERC’s General Search and you’ll find a large number of PDF and other files, many marked “Availability: Privileged”, as in this pipeline or Sabal Trail or Transco may gouge through your back yard or under your river, going right to three already-authorized LNG export operations in Florida, but you don’t get to see FPL’s rationalizations for why. Maybe if those rationalizations were public, they’d stink even more.

To get alerts on the formal filing, you’ll need to log in (or register first) with FERC and subscribe to docket CP14-554.



Florida Southeast Connection, LLC Docket No. CP14-554-000


Continue reading FSC formally filed for FERC permit 26 September 2014