FPL wants to increase rates 24% For “‘culture of innovation”

This should get your blood boiling — FPL wants to raise rates by 24%- another of FPL’s constant rate increases. This one to provide "innovative" new tech to "save us $$" — yeah FPL like the attempted rate increase for your investment in fracking and the Sabal Trail pipeline that threatens our drinking water,lives and future of our loved ones? Those types of investments? We must break the monopoly this private utility has on our state. Since when should citizens be robbed for the gain of private enterprise and invested politicians?

As for Jimmy Patronis of the PSC ( one of Gov. Scott’s ‘boys" who tried to take our local government from us back in 2013), your pandering to Scott’s supporting company that supports his investments in Sabal Trail pipeline and other fracking ventures. . You, sir, are a blight on Florida’s once reasonable utility governing body — the PSC and appointed by Scott to do his bidding. GO TO HELL – ALL OF YOU!


​~ Deb​

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