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The LNG export shell game: FERC, FE, MARAD, or NEB?

If you’re a Houston fossil fuel company and you can’t get FERC approval fast enough, try FE, or MARAD! Deepwater Port Location & Status Map If that doesn’t work, ship it by land through Canada or Mexico! Local property rights, they laugh at those! Rio Grande, Suwannee River, or Hudson River: just minor obstacles to greed! If the people are tired of profit being more important than their land, water, air, or safety, it’s time to stop this fossil fuel shell game.


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Gas explosion in Harlem

A huge methane explosion in New York City reminds people of 9/11. And of Spectra’s Durham Woods explosion in Edison, NJ.

Michael J. Feeney, Greg B. Smith, Pete Donohue, Jennifer H. Cunningham, Stephen Rex Brown and Corky Siemaszko for the New York Daily News, today, Underground gas explosion in East Harlem kills 3, injures dozens — up to 10 people feared missing: sources

“It’s a tragedy of the worst kind,’ Mayor de Blasio says Wednesday near Park Ave. and E. 116th St. Up to 10 people were still missing from the two buildings that contained 15 apartments, Absolute Piano and Spanish Christian Church, an NYPD source said. One of the victims was identified by sources as Griselde Camacho, 44, who lived at 1644 Park Ave.”

Nobody knows for sure the cause, but it appears to be gas:

“There was no warning in advance,” said Mayor de Blasio, who added that the cause of the blast that also flattened 1646 Park Ave. appears to be a gas leak.

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