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Third Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Sabal Trail and Palmetto Project

Atlanta has heard about Sabal Trail, Palmetto Project, and several other proposed pipeline projects three times now from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It’s time to act.

Greg Bluestein, AJC, Pipeline project fuels anger in Georgia,

Their proposal comes as pipeline projects — and controversy surrounding them — pop up across Georgia. A 157-mile Sabal Trail Pipeline that would cross nine southwest Georgia counties has sparked outrage in Albany and Valdosta. And Atlanta Gas Light wants to begin pumping gas from Coweta County to Dalton by 2017.

But Kinder Morgan’s proposal has struck a throbbing nerve, in part because of the length of the proposed pipeline — the 320-mile route stretches by Augusta, Savannah and Jacksonville — and in part because of the threat of eminent domain hanging over the landowners.

“Where do we draw the line? There are no reset buttons,” Troy Davis, a local landowner, said at one of the town hall meetings that Kinder Morgan called to calm fears about the project. “It will be a Kroger, a CVS, a Burger King that comes to this community and says, ‘Hey, we have a necessity for this.’ ”

That’s why the real solution is for the Georgia legislature to revoke eminent domain for private companies. But the legislature doesn’t meet until January, and we need to stop these pipelines before then.

About Kinder Morgan trespassing 1.7 miles into land owned by Billy Morris, who also owns the newspapers in Augusta and Savannah: Continue reading Third Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Sabal Trail and Palmetto Project

Georgia has no use for new pipelines –AJC

Four pipeline projects surround Atlanta, and Georgia’s governor won’t comment. Spectra’s Andrea Grover did, though, saying the Albany compressor station would be no louder than “a modern-day dishwasher.”

Dan Chapman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3 April 2015, Pipeline project fuels fight on state’s future,

VALDOSTA — Southwest Georgia is roiling mad over a proposed gas pipeline to Florida that virtually nobody in Atlanta, except Ted Turner, has heard about.

John Carlton looks over a gopher tortoise hole a few feet away from a 1954 easement for an 8 inch natural gas line on his property at Morrison Pines Plantation in Moultrie. The planned Sabel Trail pipeline would run 50 feet over from the existing line. Carlton is undecided on the proposal.
Photograph credit: Curtis Compton, AJC

Electric Power & Light has more of the text: Continue reading Georgia has no use for new pipelines –AJC

Climate Rally and EPA hearings Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta

EPA is holding public hearings on its proposed Clean Power Plan next week, 29-30 July 2014, in Atlanta. Maybe you want to mention shifting from coal to “natural” gas (fracked methane) actually may make matters worse here, with proposed pipelines like the hazardous 36-inch monsters Sabal Trail through south Georgia and Renaissance through north Georgia, on environmentally damaging hundred-foot rights of way through our fields, forests, wetlands, and under our rivers. so EPA needs to go further. You can also comment online until 16 October 2014 on Docket ID EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0602. And you can express your opinion outside with Georgia Sierra Club at the Atlanta Climate Rally Tuesday at high noon. And remember, mercury in the Alapaha River probably comes from coal Plant Scherer, near Macon, Georgia.

While that proposed carbon rule may help clean up coal plants like Scherer, it says nothing about methane, which EPA says is Continue reading Climate Rally and EPA hearings Tuesday and Wednesday in Atlanta

Another Spectra pipeline, TN-AL-GA Renaissance

Spectra is haunting Atlanta, too! They call it the Rennaisance Project, from Columbia, Tennessee through northern Alabama and north Georgia to Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County.

Staff Graphic for timesfreepress.com by Laura W. McNutt

Ben Benton wrote for timesfreepress.com 13 May 2012, Natural gas pipeline considered for tri-state region,

A high-volume natural gas pipeline could wind across a 230-mile gap from South Central Tennessee through North Alabama and Northwest Georgia on its way to link with a pipeline northeast of Atlanta.

Officials with Houston, Texas-based Spectra Energy Corp. say that, if a green light follows assessments by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other federal, state and local authorities, the proposed pipeline will connect directly the company’s Texas Eastern system in Columbia, Tenn., to the Transco Interstate pipeline system near Lawrenceville, Ga.

The pipeline’s capacity is projected at Continue reading Another Spectra pipeline, TN-AL-GA Renaissance