Dates and locations have not changed –Sabal Trail Transmission

Sabal Trail did all that was strictly required by FERC, so quit your whining, basically. The only new information is the list of newspapers STT used for advertising. People didn’t quit complaining, so later STT added a makeup meeting in Moultrie.

Filed with FERC 2 December 2013, Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC submits its Response to Comments Seeking Open House Meeting Information for the Sabal Trail Project under Docket No. PF14-1.

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC 2701 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suit 1050 Tampa, FL

December 2, 2013

Ms. Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426

Re: Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC
Sabal Trail Project, Docket No. PF14-1-000
Response to Comments Seeking Open House Meeting Information

Dear Ms. Bose:

On October 16, 2013, the Director of the Office of Energy Projects issued a letter in the above-referenced docket approving the request of Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC (“Sabal Trail”) to commence the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“Commission”) Pre-Filing Review Process for its proposed Sabal Trail Project (“Project”). Pursuant to Section 157.21(f)(1) of the Commission’s regulations,1 Sabal Trail filed on October 23, 2013 the established dates and locations for eighteen open houses for its proposed Sabal Trail Project. On November 12, 2013, Sabal Trail filed the date and location for an additional open house.

1 18 C.F.R. § 157.21(f)(1) (2013).

As part of its commitment to provide affected landowners, interested stakeholders (including agencies), and Commission Staff with multiple opportunities to receive timely information on the open house meetings, Sabal Trail has an established communication plan that includes sending an open house announcement letter directly to each affected landowner and advertising the dates and locations of the open house meetings in local newspapers within 7-10 days prior to the scheduled open house. Additionally, the dates and locations of Sabal Trail’s open houses can be found on the events page of the Sabal Trail website at

In response to comments submitted regarding the Sabal Trail open houses, 2 Sabal Trail hereby provides information in Attachment A on the Sabal Trail Project open house locations and dates. 3 Additionally, Attachment B presents the dates on which letters to each directly affected landowner have or will be mailed and the dates and names of newspaper(s) in which advertisemetns have or will be made to inform the public of each scheduled open house.

2 Sabal Trail notes that the dates and locations provided in Attachment A have not changed from the information provided in Sabal Trail’s October 23, 2013 and November 12, 2013 submissions.

3 See Comment of Carol Singletary, Docket No. PF14-1-000, Nov. 4, 2013, addressing Sabal Trail’s procedures for open house notifications; Comment of Sandra Jones, Docket No. PF14-1-000, Nov. 26, 2013, stating that citizens in Colquitt County are not aware of the Project and requesting that Sabal Trail “place an ad in the local newspaper to inform the public”; and Comment of Our Santa Fe River, Inc., Docket No. PF14-1-000, Nov. 26, 2013, stating that many residents in north central Florida do not know about the open house meetings scheduled to take place.

Sabal Trail will provide a courtesy copy of this response directly to the individuals who filed comments related to the open house dates and locations, and newspaper advertisements.

If you have any questions regarding this filing, please contact me at (713) 627-4102.

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC
By: Sabal Trail Management, LLC,
Its Operator
Lisa A. Connolly, General Manager
Rates and Certificates


John Peconom (FERC)
Jessica Harris (FERC)

Note the shell company within a shell company:

Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC
By: Sabal Trail Management, LLC,
Its Operator

And only their parent companies Spectra Energy and NextEra have substantial assets beyond what they need to install this one pipeline. So what happens if it blows up? What stops the shell companies from going bankrupt like “Freedom Industries” did in West Virginia after polluting the water supply for 300,000 people?

Attachment A
Dates and Locations for
Sabal Trail Project Open Houses

Since that list hasn’t changed, and it’s already posted, let’s not repeat it again here. The second appendix contains the only new information in this Sabal Trail letter.

Attachment B
Sabal Trail Project Open House
Notifications Chart


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