Dougherty County fighting Sabal Trail pipeline

At that South Dougherty League meeting yesterday, Gloria Gaines summed up Sabal Trail’s proposed compressor station near Albany, GA: “This proposal should vehemently be challenged; it should be vehemently opposed.”

Aaryn Valenzuela reported for WALB TV yesterday, Proposed Sabal Trail pipeline and compressor station raises concerns,, Albany News, Weather, Sports

Carlton Fletcher wrote for the Albany Herald 13 August 2014, Dinorah Hall, Gloria Gaines lead Dougherty County fight against gas pipeline: Activists spearhead meeting asking for support in their battle againt a natural gas pipeline project,

Dinorah Hall and Gloria Gaines have vowed not to give up the fight. That pair led a discussion of the impact of the proposed $3 billion pipeline at a meeting of the South Dougherty Community League Tuesday night, telling more than 70 participants they would not “just sit idly by and let this happen.”

Hall, whose property in southwest Dougherty County will be impacted by the proposed pipeline, and Gaines, a former Dougherty County commissioner who has expressed concern about construction of a compressor station along Newton Road, a short distance from the Albany Water, Gas & Light Commission’s water supply, warned those at the meeting at Eureka Baptist Church of the potential dangers presented by the pipeline.

“We’ve proposed alternate routes for the pipeline, but the Sabal Trail people aren’t listening,” Hall told the audience. “They’re paying no attention to us. And this pipeline is not just going to impact our lives over a short period. It will change our lives permanently, for generations to come.”

Dougherty County Commissioner John Hayes, who served as host of Tuesday’s gathering, praised Hall and Gaines for leading “a very diverse group coming together to fight against a thing we think is bad for our community.” “There are risks, inherent dangers, in locating this pipeline in our community,” the District 2 commissioner said.

The story said Gloria Gaines provided a timeline for he Sabal Trail pipeline; here’s another version of that timeline. They also discussed leaks, explosions, economy, the Flint River, and of course the proposed Albany compressor station.

Elected officials are paying attention:

Kenneth Cutts, who represents local interests of U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Albany; District 5 County Commissioner Harry James, and Ward III Albany City Commissioner B.J. Fletcher attended the meeting.

Another meeting is planned for next week.


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