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FERC dismissed Strom Starke LNG for lack of fee payment

One thing up with which even FERC will not put is a late filing fee! FERC warned Strom about that $24,260 filing fee on 21 July 2014. One month and one day later, FERC called the whole thing off. But don’t assume that means Strom is giving up: it may be back with another try for Starke, in Bradford County, Florida, in the Santa Fe River watershed and a short truck drive to the St Johns River watershed. And remember three other Florida LNG export operations already have authorization from DoE’s Office of Fossil Energy.

Debra Johnson found this FERC Strom denial. It was also noted by Ted Monroe in LNG Industry 1 September 2014, FERC dismisses Strom LNG petition, Continue reading FERC dismissed Strom Starke LNG for lack of fee payment

Action letter to County Commissioners against Sabal Trail pipeline

Update 2014-09-12: Still more signatures.
Update 2014-09-08: Still more signatures.
Update 2014-09-07: More signatures.

Debra Johnson posted this on the Suwannee Alliance For Sustainable Growth facebook group 1 September 2014:

SABAL TRAIL PIPELINE ACTION NEEDED—If you desire add your signature to this multi-group email please enter it in the comment section.This email will be sent from SAFSG and other groups to BOCC officials here and in surrounding counties. It is available for use anywhere Sabal Trail pipeline is a threat—Simply change the county and/or state name in the body. We will start sending it out Tuesday Sept. 2nd. You should read it even if you do not sign as it contains important information.

The Suwannee County, FL Commission meets today, 2 September 2014. When does yours meet? Here is contact information for Florida counties. Here is contact information for Georgia and Alabama county commissions and city councils along the proposed pipeline path, as well as for state and federal elected officials. Remember also to comment with FERC on docket # PF14-1. Here’s the letter. -jsq

Dear Commissioner,

We are sure that you have heard of the Sabal Trail/Spectra Energy Pipeline and the resolution passed by Hamilton County BOCC August 22, 2014, to prohibit its path through the Withlacoochee River in Hamilton County (link below). It appears that that resolution has been successful. But the problem has not gone away in that Sabal Trail has already sent FERC and Rep. Ted Yoho a letter suggesting that they move the pipeline yet again! (link below).

We would also like to bring to your attention to other local government actions that have been implemented to protect the citizens of those counties. Our hope is that your county government will consider adopting one of these strategies in this crucial effort to protect their citizens, water, land, etc. from this gas pipeline which will provide zero benefit to the people of Florida Continue reading Action letter to County Commissioners against Sabal Trail pipeline

FPL to purchase NextEra gas fracking subsidiary in Oklahoma

FPL integrated ownership of fracking and pipelines to LNG export for its profit, at the expense of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida landowners, U.S. natural gas customers, and of course FPL ratepayers: that’s what FPL is hoping to wrap up at the Florida PSC.

FPL wants to buy the 50% its parent NextEra Energy bought of “independent” PetroQuest’s Oklahoma fracking operation back in 2010 before FPL put out its December 2012 RFP for what ended up being the Transco -> Sabal Trail -> FSC methane pipeline to Martin County, Florida, plus an FPL pipeline from there to the sea at Riviera Beach. where meanwhile three LNG export operations have been authorized and a fourth LNG export operation has reqeusted a permit from FERC.

FPL’s PR of 25 June 2014 doesn’t mention most of the above, not even that NextEra already owns half of PetroQuest’s Oklahoma fracking operation. FPL proposes innovative plan to invest in natural gas to save customers millions of dollars and lower long-term fuel costs, Continue reading FPL to purchase NextEra gas fracking subsidiary in Oklahoma

Sabal Trail pipeline dangerous –a resident; We haven’t even looked yet –Suwannee County Commission

Yet another County Commission tries to side-step its duty to represent its own people against profiteering companies from far away, while at least one local resident keeps reminding them.

John S. Koch wrote for Suwannee Valley Times 31 July 2014, Concerned Resident says Proposed Gas Transmission Line Dangerous,

Live Oak resident Debra Johnson used the public comments portion of the [most recent] meeting [of the Suwannee County Commission] to raise safety issues about the proposed gas transmission line that would wind its way through Suwannee County and other parts of North Central Florida.

“What I am asking for is a public forum to be held by the commission dealing with this issue and to seek information that the people can use to educate themselves on this issue.”

According to Johnson, the point she was trying to get across to the commission is that Continue reading Sabal Trail pipeline dangerous –a resident; We haven’t even looked yet –Suwannee County Commission