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Comments from SpectraBusters, Inc. against small LNG

Submitted in Public Comment Concerning Unregulated Small Scale LNG Processing Facilities:

600x306 Duke nuke and gas plant down Power Line Road, in Strom Inc. moves to Crystal River, by John S. Quarterman, for SpectraBusters.org, 29 September 2014
Duke nuke and gas plant down Power Line Road, Crystal River, FL, from new Strom location (the blue box).

From: Spectra Busters <spectrabusters@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 4:03 PM
Subject: RIN 1901-AB43 and FE Docket No. 17-86-R
To: fergas@hq.doe.gov
Cc: Spectra Busters <spectrabusters@gmail.com>

Comments from SpectraBusters, Inc. against small LNG


  1. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has abdicated Congressional authority under Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act (NGA) for the siting, construction, operation and maintenance of small-scale inland LNG export facilities.
  2. How is an LNG export facility that must obtain an export license from the U. S. Department of Energy not, from FERC’s perspective, an “export” facility within the meaning of the NGA and thus not subject to FERC’s jurisdiction (see Pivotal LNG, Inc., FERC Docket No. RP15-259-000 Issued April 2, 2015, Norman Bay, Commissioner, Dissenting Opinion).
  3. How is an LNG “export” facility that trucks LNG 440 yards to a dock not Continue reading Comments from SpectraBusters, Inc. against small LNG

Waiting for Ted Yoho FL-03 to ask the Corps for a SEIS like he said he would

Video of Congressman Ted Yoho addressing concerns and agreeing that a Supplemental Environmental Study must be done before Sabal Trail is allowed to proceed after he hiked the proposed Sabal Trail route at which the company claimed the nearest sinkhole was 750′ away of pipeline route. ┬áThis “omission” which claimed there were no sinkholes within 750′ of the boring of ST’s pipeline could and most probably will cause damage to Suwannee River, nearby springs, AND millions of people’s sole source of water from the Floridan Aquifer. The original environmental study was Continue reading Waiting for Ted Yoho FL-03 to ask the Corps for a SEIS like he said he would

Etowah River boring incident, Transco Dalton Expansion Project pipeline

Transco spilled oil into the Etowah River, the same Transco of the Hillabee Expansion Project in the Southeast Market Pipelines Project with Sabal Trail. Map, crossing at Historic Ford According to a local report Transco did nothing to clean up the oil or damage to the riverbed. This was part of Transco’s Dalton Expansion Project, FERC docket CP15-117, one of the many segmented projects discovered by WWALS Watershed Coalition that should have been considered cumulatively by FERC as part of SMPP, according to FERC’s own rules and a federal court ruling.

The Etowah River crossing is by open cut instead of HDD. Here’s why. FERC Accession Number: 20160502-5381, “EPA Region 4 review/comments for Dalton Expansion EA, CP15-117”, Continue reading Etowah River boring incident, Transco Dalton Expansion Project pipeline

Suwannee County Votes to Send Letter to Army Corps Of Engineers Asking for Independent Geological Study

Tuesday April 5th Suwannee County voted 4 to 1 , with chairman Bashaw dissenting, to send a letter requesting that the Corps perform an independent environmental study concerning the geological omissions Sabal Trail withheld from their Environmental Study submitted to FERC to receive a permit to bore under the Suwannee River.

After comparing Sabal Trail’s EIS with that of local geologist Dennis Price, Chris Mericle discovered omissions and discrepancies in this report endangering the Floridan Aquifer which supplies 60% of Florida’s water supply as well as endangering millions of citizens and hundreds, if not thousand, of springs.

Sabal Trail submitted information for the pipeline permit to FERC stating the closest sinkhole to the pipeline route boring under the Suwannee River would be 750′ from the pipeline which is not true. Commissioner Wainwright and other BOCC officials discovered one active sinkhole 75′ from the 36″ fracked gas pipeline. In fact there is a sinkhole smack in the middle of the pipeline route with sinkholes covering the entire area.

SBOCC discovered this after attending a hike of the pipeline route and Falmouth Springs, which is part of a interconnected cave system that extends to the Suwannee River crossing at Suwannee River State Park which Sabal Trail claims is 100′ underground, when in fact one can see the springs practically at ground level and is part of this connected cave system and caverns named the Falmouth Cathedral Cave System. There are in fact many of these cave systems all connected within the pipeline route and throughout Florida.

Thank you SBOCC and all who assisted in this effort.

All counties in North Florida and central Florida should follow suite.

Perhaps a RICO investigation by the US Attorney General of Spectra Energy/Sabal Trail and the oil industry funded pipeline government agency, FERC, as well as invested Florida governor Scott is in order.

I do believe the time has come to stop this dangerous gas pipeline to export the natural gas that fracking invested FPL, Duke Energy and NextEra wish to export to other countries with zero benefit to the citizens of Florida.


Hamilton County takes exception with Sabal Trail

Tonight, Tuesday March 15, 2016, Hamilton County unanimously voted to request that the Army Corps of Engineers perform an independent study on site concerning the ommisions and discrepancies contained in the final environmental study that FERC and Florida DEP used to issue the permit for the Sabal Trail pipeline.

These ommisions in the EIS were discovered by Mr Chris Mericle when comparing a geological study by local geologist Dennis Price with the final EIS Sabal Trail study submitted to FERC on which FERC based the permit for the Sabal Trail pipeline.

Hamilton County was prompted to write this letter after attending the Suwannee BOCC workshop a few weeks ago where members of both boards hiked the Suwannee River crossing and saw for themselves the numerous sinkholes in and around the pipeline route. A route that Sabal Trail claimed the closet sinkhole was 750′ from the pipeline route.

One Hamilton County commissioner asked if Suwannee County was still taking an unheard of neutral stance on this for export fracked gas pipeline.

Thank you to all of the commissioners of Hamilton County for taking action to protect their constituents and our sole source of water – the Floridan Aquifer.

Debra J.

Confirmed: Resolution against Sabal Trail today at Suwannee County Commission 2015-11-17

Suwannee County residents please come speak, and everyone else please come be seen (you can speak, too). Facebook event. Come defend property rights, water, and air in Suwannee County from the Sabal Trail invader, and that helps defend where you are, too.

When: 6PM Tuesday 17 November 2015

Where: 218 Parshley Street Southwest, Live Oak, Florida, 32064


From the draft minutes of the Nov. 3rd meeting Continue reading Confirmed: Resolution against Sabal Trail today at Suwannee County Commission 2015-11-17

Defer DEIS, deny Sabal Trail –SpectraBusters to FERC

You can still file your own e-comment today!

Here’s what SpectraBusters filed with FERC 27 October 2015 as Accession Number 20151027-5032, “Supplemental Information of SpectraBusters, Inc. under CP15-17.To ask that FERC ceases descions based on incomplete and faulty DEIS by Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC. We also ask that FERC extend public comment period.” (PDF) -jsq

Spectrabusters, Inc.
Debra Johnson — Board Member

To: John Peconom — Project Manager, Environmental Biologist at FERC

Spectrabusters, Inc. would like to respectfully request that FERC defer any decisions concerning the DEIS for the Sabal Trail pipeline project, Docket #CP-17-000, based on the fact that all necessary information to determine the validity of the DEIS/EIS is incomplete as final submissions from other governmental agencies, pending court rulings and Sabal Trail have not been submitted.

Please refer to the ongoing actions below that would impact the DEIS.

Continue reading Defer DEIS, deny Sabal Trail –SpectraBusters to FERC

Time to comment to FERC on Sabal Trail ignoring springs on Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers

Here’s why you should ecomment to FERC and your elected officials right now. Sabal Trail filed key materials after FERC’s stated deadline, a Suwannee County, FL landowner points out in a FERC ecomment, also revealing Sabal Trail still didn’t address key springs upstream and down from its proposed new pipeline path, and said nothing about connecting caverns beneath the Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers.

Here’s a call to action from Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson:

Good Morning,

I realize many of you have seen me (and a few others) navigate through a enormous amount of meetings, letters, social media announcements to stop the Sabal Trail Gas (fracked)Transmission Pipeline cutting through one of our most vulnerable areas of our World, the Florida Springs Heartland.

You have watched and read from the sidelines for nearly 2 years. It is time for you to act. Call it my Continue reading Time to comment to FERC on Sabal Trail ignoring springs on Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers

Columbia County, FL steps towards anti-fracking ordinance

And of course our own Laura gave her usual valuable insights! An excellent presentation by OSFR well attended except by Suwannee County citizens. Columbia County voted to have their attorney consult with Alachua County to draft a resolution or ordinance against fracking and related issues. Thank you Merrillee, Jim and all the members of OSFR and other groups for a concise and excellent presentation. Now for the rest of North Florida counties… Like Suwannee County

Our Santa Fe River, 15 January 2015, Columbia Commissioners Take First Step,

And a giant step it was. The far-sighted and open-minded commissioners listened attentively and with interest to the detailed, informative and professionally delivered Power Point presentation by OSFR president Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson giving the many reasons for adopting an ordinance banning fracking in Continue reading Columbia County, FL steps towards anti-fracking ordinance

Suwannee County Commission swallows Sabal Trail misinformation

After FPL visited it, the Suwannee County Commission decided they couldn’t do anything; nevermind that pipeline and fracking ordinances have worked in Pennsylvania and New York state, and there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t in Florida. There’s still time for the Commissioners to stand up for the citizens of Suwannee County, Florida.

John S. Koch wrote for Suwannee Valley Times 8 October 2014, Sable Trail – Suwannee Commissioners say gas pipeline needed

The commission chairman noted that they have a copy of the resolution passed recently by the Hamilton County Commission addressing the issue as well as all the information about the Sable Trails Project released by the company handling the project. However, the board has taken no action one way or the other.

The key phrase in there seems to be “all the information about the Sable Trails Project released by the company handling the project”. Perhaps the Commission would like to dig a little deeper than information produced by the one company with the most vested interest in saying the pipeline is a great thing. This would be the same Chairman who denied his previous on-video Sabal Trail comments after he heard from FPL.

Phil Oxendine has a problem with the pipeline but not for safety concerns but rather political reasons. “We are overseas right now and that reason is because of our need for oil and the sooner we get away from that use the better we all will be.” Oxendine also feels it is not in the best interest of the country to export the gas but that is an entirely different issue he said.

Nevermind the Continue reading Suwannee County Commission swallows Sabal Trail misinformation