Another newspaper against Sabal Trail: The Gainesville Sun

A newspaper in Gainesville, with more than twice the population of Ocala, picked up the same newspaper editorial against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, reiterating that unless serious risks can be addressed, the pipeline isn’t worth it, and besides, it’s not clear Florida even needs the power other than to profit big utilities (and pipeline companies, and apparently Florida Governor Rick Scott). Hm, marching northwards, Ocala, Gainesville, next Lake City, then how about Valdosta, Moultrie, and Albany? Newspapers and TV stations in those places have covered the pipeline. Time for their editorial boards to do what just happened in Ocala and Gainesville.

30 July 2014, Editorial: A pipeline’s purpose,

Atlanta-based law firm GreenLaw filed objections this month to the pipeline over concerns it would be a major emitter of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds.

For area residents, a major worry is the pipeline’s path near the region’s springs and rivers. A spill could pollute the aquifer that feeds those springs and supplies our drinking water. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission must make Sabal Trail address these issues before considering approval of the pipeline.

Gov. Rick Scott has questions of his own to answer about the pipeline. Broward Bulldog reported last week that Scott owned a stake in Spectra Energy in his blind trust. Scott also had a Florida Power & Light executive who pitched the pipeline on his transition team and signed into law two bills designed to speed up pipeline permitting.


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