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Ted Turner’s Nonami objects to GA EPD about Sabal Trail compressor station

Via Greenlaw, comments on GA-EPD air permit application #22637. Sinkholes, CO2, NOX, VOCs, potential damage to people, animals, longleaf pine trees, air, and water. The best part: Nonami recommends if the compressor station should be built, it should be powered by solar panels. If others want to file comments, the application number and the address are in here. -jsq

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Greenlaw files Air Quality objections to Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Received today. Note this says Georgia EPD does have authority over an air permit for the Albany compressor station. State agencies do have direct as well as indirect roles. -jsq

Press Release
For Immediate Release
July 14, 2014

Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline Threatens Air Quality in Southwest Georgia

GreenLaw files comments objecting to proposed natural gas pipeline

Atlanta, GA — Last week, additional concerns were raised about a proposed natural gas pipeline that threatens to cut across large swaths of Southwest Georgia, including longleaf pine tracts. GreenLaw, on behalf of a number of conservation groups, filed comments with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD) that raised objections about air quality along the pipeline, including a proposed compressor station outside Albany, Georgia. Continue reading Greenlaw files Air Quality objections to Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline

Sustainable Spectra? Like healthy cigarettes?

What company prints its sustainability report on wind-powered paper, yet pipes a greenhouse gas 20 times worse than CO2? Yep, it’s Spectra Energy, also bragging about how respectful they are to Sabal Trail “stakeholders”. Selling fracked methane through a 36-inch pipe in a hundred-foot gash through forests and wetlands with a thousand-foot explosive radius is like selling cigarettes and claiming you’re for good health. Tobacco companies can’t get away with that any more, and why should fossil fuel companies?

On the very last page of a 16-page report, 2013 Sustainability Highlights Report, Spectra Energy says:

This paper is manufactured using clean, renewable wind-power energy and carbon offsets for additional savings.

That’s the only mention of wind or renewable energy in the document, while solar power is not mentioned even once.

And look at Spectra’s Purpose on page 2: Continue reading Sustainable Spectra? Like healthy cigarettes?

See the FERC rubberstamp machine in action

You’ve heard the song, now see the FERC rubberstamp machine in action in videos of Sabal Trail interrogated in Gilchrist County, Florida @ GCC 2014-02-20, of the Valdosta FERC Scoping Meeting @ FERC 2014-03-04, and of the Moultrie FERC Scoping Meeting @ FERC 2014-03-05. See FERC refuse to release a tax-paid RFP and tax-paid-staff-reviewed proposals for an environmental contractor, and then see that very same contractor admit that the Sabal Trail pipeline would take twice the acreage to produce as much power as solar PV, while FERC refuses to consider that the pipeline would be far more environmentally damaging, more expensive, and would take much longer.

Nevermind landowners get only a one-time payment from the pipeline company, not rent and FERC has no Continue reading See the FERC rubberstamp machine in action

It seems that they just draw lines at random –James Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio

Florida’s other Senator just intervened with FERC on behalf of a landowner who has been trying to get reasonable solutions out of Spectra Energy since at least December. Sabal Trail is trying to force their unnecessary pipeline through this Brooks County, Georgia property among others that already have a gas pipeline: this one also already has an FPL power line. Why should FPL get to deface anybody’s property for both a power line and a pipeline while destroying wetlands and trees? Why do we think this will be the last pipeline if it is allowed to go in? As the Ryders ask, “If this was your farm, how would you like it divided?” How about not at all?

Filed with FERC 6 June 2014 as Senator Marco Rubio submits comments re the Southeast Market Pipelines Project under PF14-1. Florida Senator Bill Nelson intervened on behalf of Amelia Longley back on 1 November 2013.

Cover letter Continue reading It seems that they just draw lines at random –James Ryder via Sen. Marco Rubio

EPA comments in Moultrie Observer

The Colquitt County newspaper noticed the EPA questions to FERC about the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline, and even got sort of a response out of Sabal Trail.

Alan Mauldin wrote for the Moultrie Observer 26 April 2014, EPA letter lists concerns with Sabal Trail,

One issue raised by EPA is whether laying a new, 36-inch pipeline in proximity to a 10-inch pipeline built in the 1950s would present a danger to the public.

The alternate route that would take the pipeline through the heart of Colquitt County would for some of its path run parallel to the old iron pipeline.

“Consequently, concerns exist with the safety of Continue reading EPA comments in Moultrie Observer

Sabal Trail will be expected to adhere and honor all Lowndes County Ordinances –Bill E Slaughter, JR to FERC

Filed with FERC 11 April 2014. These are apparently the items he referred to Saturday 29 March 2014 at the SpectraBusters panel at VSU. There’s much more that can be done but this is a good step forward. -jsq

Bill E Slaughter, JR, Hahira, GA.
April 10, 2014

To whom it may concern:

If the route for the proposed Sabal Trail Pipeline comes through any part of Lowndes County as Chairman of the Lowndes County Commission and on the behalf of the Commission and Citizens of Lowndes County I would like to address several concerns we have with the Sabal Trail Pipeline Docket # P14-1-000.

  1. All road crossings must obtain a Lowndes County R/W Encroachment Permit for each crossing which will include all information required by the Lowndes County Engineer.
  2. All road crossings shall be perpendicular to the R/W.
  3. All road crossings shall be Continue reading Sabal Trail will be expected to adhere and honor all Lowndes County Ordinances –Bill E Slaughter, JR to FERC

Alabama Sierra Club against the Sabal Trail methane pipeline

Robert W. Hastings, Alabama Sierra Club contact for the joint Alabama, Georgia, and Florida Sierra Club statement against the pipeline, and author of a FERC ecomment against the pipeline, was elected Chairman of the Alabama Chapter 9 March 2014.

He wrote in the April Alabama Sierran about the Sabal Trail pipeline,

Seems like everyone wants to build a pipeline these days. I’m sure almost everyone has heard about the Keystone XL pipeline, and our Mobile Group has done a good job of publicizing their opposition to the oil pipeline to be constructed through a major water supply area for the city of Mobile. But there are several other pipelines being proposed for Alabama. One of these is the so-called Sabal Trail Pipeline that would carry natural gas extracted through hydraulic fracturing from Pennsylvania and Texas through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The new pipeline would begin in Alexander City, where it Continue reading Alabama Sierra Club against the Sabal Trail methane pipeline

No Fracked Gas in Mass. allies with SpectraBusters

Another new ally added to the Allies page; today it’s No Fracked Gas in Mass., who bring us excellent tips on getting a resolution your local elected government’s agenda.

“Fighting Kinder Morgan/TGP’s Northeast Expansion across the Berkshires and Northern Massachusetts. Our mission is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and to create a comprehensive renewable energy infrastructure.”

They have an excellent post about getting resolutions on your town meeting agenda:

If you are thinking about bringing a non-binding resolution before your town meeting, time is running out. Each town has its own deadline for adding items to town meeting’s agenda and its own requirements for resolutions — in Cummington, we needed to gather just fifteen signatures and submit them to our town clerk for verification. Ask your select board members or your town clerk what the deadline is, and what the requirements are, for your town.

You can download the Cummington resolution to use as a model (here is a .txt version); if you are wondering what the point of a non-binding resolution is, please read this.

In Massachusetts select board members are what many other places call city council members. And many towns in Mass. make it easy for citizens to get resolutions on their agendas. Why should it be more difficult anywhere else? You can contact your Continue reading No Fracked Gas in Mass. allies with SpectraBusters

Sierra Club Chapters Oppose Sabal Trail Gas Pipeline

The nation’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization opposes the Sabal Trail pipeline. Sierra Club PR today (and read to FERC):


Statement of the Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Sierra Club
Chapters Opposing the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Seth Gunning, Georgia Sierra Club, (404)-607-1262,
Bob Hastings, Alabama Sierra Club,

ATLANTA, GA—The Georgia, Florida, and Alabama Chapters of the Sierra Club oppose the 650 mile Sabal Trail Transmission natural gas pipeline that would carry fracked natural gas extracted from Pennsylvania and Texas through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC is a joint venture between Spectra Energy Partners, LLC and and NextEra Energy, Inc. Spectra Energy and its related companies have been fined repeatedly for safety and environmental violations throughout the United States including one fine of $15,000,000.

The proposed pipeline would cut a wide swath through pristine lands with resulting negative impacts on endangered species, critical wildlife habitat, invaluable wetlands, Continue reading Sierra Club Chapters Oppose Sabal Trail Gas Pipeline